Can Any Air Conditioning Repair Service Give Me a Warranty?

HVAC systems have become common in almost all homes now. Once installed, you have temperature controls for both summers and winters. It has been seen that heater and air conditioner repairs need to be made by many people when they shift to a new place or even in a relatively new home. In such a situation, the homeowner is inquisitive about knowing as to how the advantage of the warranty can be taken on relatively new equipment. Often, HVAC contractors in Vancouver inform customers regarding equipment warranties in detail while purchasing the product so that there is no confusion on the matter later. Information regarding the warranty is also explained by many contractors during the air conditioner installation in Vancouver.

The Equipment Comes with Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

The majority of companies manufacturing HVAC units and equipment have some rules and regulations for obtaining warranty benefits. Any kind of new equipment purchased by the customer has to be registered for receiving the warranty. Whether you purchase a central air system, brand-new heat pump or install a new motor for the HVAC system, each of the parts needs to be registered with the manufacturer so that they have complete information about the site that you have. This is also for ensuring that any licensed HVAC contractor will be able to perform warranty service when any part of the equipment goes out of order. When it comes to new homes, the date of limited warranty, The limited warranties are filed and can be looked up online. Limited warranties last for a short period of time, and your HVAC contractor will be able to inform you about its validity period.

The validity of the Limited Warranty

When you are looking for AC repair in Port Coquitlam in the new home, you must have information about the warranty of the equipment. In case the limited warranty is filed for a new system within a specific span of time, the limited warranty can be for almost 10 years for the system. However, this will also depend on the manufacturer of the equipment. When the filing of a limited warranty is late, it reverts to 5 years for the various parts and components. It is important to ensure that the limited warranty is filed within the right time span.

It is interesting to note that if the HVAC system is replaced at 8th year under a 10-year limited warranty plan, the new equipment will have 2 more years added to the existing warranty of the new machine. This means that if the equipment has a 10-year warranty, 2 more years will be added to the same.

The Whole Work is Not Free of Cost despite the Equipment Being under Warranty

This is one of the most common questions asked by many homeowners. In full warranty, the equipment will be replaced completely. However, for limited warranty cases, only the costing of the affected part is covered. The expenses of minor materials, labour costs, transportation, etc. need to be paid by the customer. Talking to HVAC contractors in Vancouver will clear all doubts on this matter.

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