How often should I change my filter?

For the best performance of your system, replace the filters every 2 month, but since people can often forget about the filter, we recommend buying a case of 12 disposal filters (inexpensive) and more

How should I maintain my heat pump?

Here are a few tips for the proper operation of a heat pump and optimizing your energy saving:
  • Do not setup backup heating systems on your thermostat; backup heating systems are usually more

What is a heat pump?

It is an electrical/mechanical device which transfers heat from one place to another place. In climates with moderate heating and cooling, heat pumps provide an energy-efficient alternative to more

How do I clean my electronic filters?

Always, at first, turn off the main power to the furnace. Then by pushing and holding the power button over Electronic Air Filter for approximately 5 seconds, let all of the LEDs illuminate. After more