How can I know when it is time to replace my system?

In following simple guidelines, you can estimate whether or not fixing vs. replacing is the right decision. On average, the lifetime of:

  • An efficient air conditioner or heat pump unit is about 12-15 years
  • An efficient furnace is about 15-20 years

However, other factors must be considered for this guideline, like:

  • Has the unit been repaired several times? • Have you had yearly maintenance service?
  • Does the unit have higher than average wear?

Even if units haven’t reached the average lifetime of a typical system, it might make sense to replace them.

If you have a furnace with less than 90% efficiency and you are having high utility bills, it may be time to upgrade.

Some high efficiency furnaces can cost just $2,800 to replace, so if you take into account the condition of your furnace, the age of the system, the cost of a repair and the higher cost of utility bills, it probably makes more sense to replace it.

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