How do I clean my electronic filters?

Always, at first, turn off the main power to the furnace. Then by pushing and holding the power button over Electronic Air Filter for approximately 5 seconds, let all of the LEDs illuminate. After releasing the power button, the LEDs will remain on until the voltage has discharged. Then it is time to safely remove the door. In most air purifier filters, there are three parts: the filter, the field charger and the collection cells. It’s recommended that the filters be vacuumed outside of the home to ensure particles on the filter are not re-introduced into the air.

To reset the pre-filter timer, press and hold the RESET button until the pre-filter LED turns off (3 to 5 seconds). To reset the collection cell timer, press and continue to hold the RESET button until the collection cell LEDs turn off (4 to 5 seconds).

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