What are the advanced features to look for in a heat pump?

A number of relatively new Innovations are improving the performance of heat pumps.

Unlike standard compressors that can only operate at full capacity, two speed compressors or variable speed compressors allow heat pumps to operate closet to the heating or cooling capacity that is needed at any particular moment. This saves large amounts of electrical energy and reduce compressor wear out. Two-speed or variable speed heat pumps also work well with zone control systems.

Zone control systems are often used in larger homes. By using automatic dampers, it will allow the heat pump to keep each zone at different temperatures

Also, some models of heat pumps are equipped with variable speed or dual-speed fans. The variable-speed controls for these fans attempt to keep the air moving at a comfortable velocity, minimizing cool drafts and maximizing electrical savings. It also minimizes the noise from the blower running at full speed

Aluminum coils allow for continuous calls and do not corrode like capper coils. New “fin” coils have thousands of tiny “spines” radiating out from them to provide greater heat transfer capabilities and more efficiency over the long haul

Communicating heat pumps in matched system installations provide a continuous flow of information between furnace, heat pump and the thermostat to ensure maximum efficiency and the greatest comfort.

In comparison with a combustion fuel-fired furnace or standard heal pump alone, this type of system is also economical. Actual energy savings depend on the relative costs of the combustion fuel relative to electricity.

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