What is the benefit to having a preventative maintenance agreement?

We will schedule maintenance twice a year (before the season starts), and our technician will visit your home at a time-that is convenient for you. You also get priority service for repairs during the high season and 15% off any necessary repair. Again, you have peace of mind knowing we keep track of your system and keep it operating efficiently.

How much does a preventative maintenance agreement cost?

The cost will be based on what equipment you decided to insure under the preventative maintenance agreement. You can add the heating system (air handler or gas/propane furnace), heat pump and/or air conditioner to your heating plan. This agreement is designed to meet your system requirements, so you can add just the heating or both heating and cooling. Hs a very inexpensive way to protect your systems from sudden failure and discomfort when the seasons change. And, our service agreements are transferable and may increase the value of your home if you sell it,

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