The realm of HVACs has undergone drastic changes since the 90s. Now, the HVAC industry is saturated with AC brands brimming the market. And it's the universal rule – with so many choices, come great confusions. But you don't need to be confused at all, because as long as you choose us, all your HVAC issues are our responsibilities.

Our team of professionals aims to provide the best Goodman HVAC Contractor. We work against every HVAC glitch to help your HVAC appliances lead a healthy life.

Goodman HVAC Prices and Installation Cost by Unit Size & Ton

Tonnes Average Pricing
1.5 Ton Value tier: $2400 Mid-Range tier: $2825 Premium tier: $3200
2 Ton Value tier: $2600 Mid-Range tier: $3025 Premium tier: $3500
2.5 Ton Value tier: $2800 Mid-Range tier: $3225 Premium tier: $3800
3 Ton Value tier: $3000 Mid-Range tier: $3425 Premium tier: $4100
3.5 Ton Value tier: $3200 Mid-Range tier: $3625 Premium tier: $4500
4 Ton Value tier: $3300 Mid-Range tier: $3825 Premium tier: $5000
5 Ton Value tier: $3500 Mid-Range tier: $4050 Premium tier: $6000

HVAC Prices & Installation Cost by City & Region


  • Barrie – $3200 – $4500
  • Brampton – $2200 – $4200
  • Belleville/Kingston – $3000 – $4500
  • Guelph – $2500 – $3500
  • Hamilton – $2500 – $4200
  • Kitchener – $2500 – $4200
  • London – $2500 – $4200
  • Mississauga – $2200 – $4200
  • Northern Ontario – $3200 – $4500
  • Western Ontario – $2500 – $4200
  • Ottawa – $2800 – $4800
  • Toronto – $2200 – $4500


  • Winnipeg – $3200 – $4200


  • Calgary – $3200 – $4200
  • Edmonton – $3200 – $4200
  • Rural Alberta – $3500 – $4500


  • Regina – $3000 – $4200

Goodman HVAC Service: Your HVAC Doctors

Our HVAC service is the Midas touch that your appliances need. From installation to repairs and replacements, we do it all. No HVAC problem goes past our Goodman service technician's eye. Our experienced and skilled staff can fix all your issues within a few hours while ensuring you a hassle-free experience.

Our Goodman air conditioner installers are highly in demand in the whole of Canada, and the reasons are:
  • Our ACs come with pre-installed filter driers. These driers help your filters absorb moisture and filter dirt faster than regular air filters.
  • The coils that our ACs use are shielded with louvred coil guards. These guards avert coil damage by preventing dirt and hail accumulation. Plus, the coil's condenser remains intact for more extended periods due to louvred coils.
  • We lug our power units. This securely fastens every wire and averts sparking and any other electric wire threats.

Who Do We Serve?

Our services have vastly expanded in the last decade. We have laddered up from residential contractors to commercial, and now we have set our foot into the rural property market. Essentially, we serve the following:
  • Residential air conditioning and heating
  • Light commercial air conditioning and heating
  • Rural property air conditioning and heating

Services That We Offer

  • Heat Pump Services
  • Water Heaters
  • Contractor Services
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Duct Work
  • Furnace Installations
  • Furnace Replacements
  • Ventilation Work

Other Products, Services & Tests that We Offer:

  • HVAC Brands
  • Heat Pump Brands
  • Thermostats Brands
  • Napoleon Fireplace
  • Preventive Maintenance Sessions to Your HVAC

Why Choose Us?

HVAC damages could be painstaking, and therefore, you need a reliable service to rest upon. And we are that reliable service you could lay down your trust at because we:
  • Are responsible
  • Are licensed for the task we perform
  • Possess a highly skilled and experienced team
  • Provide a full guarantee of the services that we conduct
  • Lay down unbreachable contracts
  • Are 24x7 open to customer calls?
  • Share an HVAC plan prior to the service to avoid any cost misunderstandings later
We are true to our customers and diligent in our work. It goes without saying that our services are the most appreciated HVAC services in Canada. So, what are you waiting for?

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