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Hot Water Heating North Vancouver
Are you looking for cost-efficient hot water heating solutions in North Vancouver? You’ve come to the right place! ProGas offers the solution to hot water heating problems by offering a variety of options including tankless water heaters, high-efficiency tanks, combination water heaters and even conventional tanks.
Almost all of the products installed by ProGas qualify for energy rebates due to their efficiency at heating water, and some can even supply heat for your homes! ProGas can also repair or maintain your existing hot water tank and advise you when it’s time to upgrade to a new hot water heating system for your North Vancouver home or business. To conserve energy and save money on monthly heating costs, at times this is the best option.
Technicians from ProGas are fully qualified and trained to work on most of the hot water heaters and systems installed in homes and businesses throughout the area. If you’re considering an upgrade to a new unit, ProGas can help you choose one of the following options:
- Tankless Water Heaters. One of the most efficient tanks on the market, heating water only when it’s required. These tanks are also called Instantaneous or On-Demand Water Heating. You’ll have access to endless amounts of hot water with up to 98% efficiency! This tank qualifies for an energy rebate. A tankless system will free-up, up to 80% of valuable space, provide energy savings by heating water only when you need it, provide a continuous supply of hot water throughout your home, offer cleaner water, and will last longer than a conventional tank.
- High-efficiency Hot Water Tanks. Similar in look to the conventional hot water heating system you may currently have in your North Vancouver home, but with a higher energy efficiency, and qualifies for an energy rebate. This type of tank is good for high use demands, will save on your utility bills, constantly stores heated water, is less prone to mechanical issues and comes in a wide variety of sizes, from 20 to 120 gallons.
- Conventional tanks, the type that most homeowners are familiar with, offer only about 62% efficiency. Provides hot water heating for many North Vancouver residents.
- Combination Water Heaters are very highly efficient tankless heaters with the capacity to supply both heat and domestic hot water for larger homes. This tank supplies enough hydronic heat for the home plus hot water to run two showers and a dishwasher, all at once. Enjoy up to 80% less space required for the Combination water heater, as well as an energy rebate.
Whether you need a new water heating system for your home or business, or require repair or maintenance, call the experts from ProGas to handle the job. You’ll be glad you called the company with professional technicians that are government certified, insured and bondable.
Contact ProGas over the Internet by visiting, or by calling 604-925-1341. Ask for a free estimate and let one of their experts answer all of your questions. ProGas is committed to your comfort, and will go the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied with their work.
Hot Water Heating North Vancouver
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