How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Flame Sensor on a Furnace?

It’s a complete nightmare if your furnace breaks down in the middle of a winter night. The worst part is you can’t figure out if there is an issue in the furnace unless it stops working altogether.

Usually, the main cause of furnace breakdowns is the bad flame sensors. The more you delay the furnace repairs, the more you have to pay later for the emergency furnace repair in Vancouver. Continue reading to know the use of flame sensors and the cost of replacing them.

Functions of a Flame Sensor

Flame sensors detect the presence of a flame when the gas valve is open. It ensures the natural gas is not thrown inside the house and that it burns inside the furnace. However, The furnace shuts down the startup sequence if it cannot sense the presence of a flame. The unit can go into lockdown for safety precautions after three attempts by the sensors.
Once you consult a professional for repairing the flame sensor, they will suggest just cleaning it. However, cleaning is not going to solve the root cause of the furnace repair. HVAC contractors in Vancouver will clean and remove the oxidation, but it is a temporary solution. You might have to face the same issue in the future.
So, it is better to opt for flame sensor replacement if you are looking for a long term result.

What is the cost of replacing the Flame Sensor?

The cost of flame sensors may vary from company to company. It is always better to choose a more reliable one to replace the sensors. The total price can fluctuate between $350 to $500, especially when you are buying a new flame sensor.

This bill will also include the charges of travel and diagnosis by the furnace repair company. However, if you go for furnace repair services directly out of the garage, your total expense will be less.

Why choose a reliable furnace repair company?

There are many furnace repair companies available out there, and it is difficult to choose the right one. However, if you know what a reliable furnace company should offer, it will make the selection easier. Look at some benefits of a reliable furnace company:

  • You will get a guarantee of more than a year from the company. If the flame sensor shows any issue in between, you can easily get a replacement from the company. It will reduce the chances of sudden breakage and also provide relief.
  • You will get experienced, professional and reliable technicians for furnace repair.
  • Get free inspection and diagnosis of the furnace. The technicians will detect any other problem before it disrupts your schedule.
  • These companies provide emergency call numbers and staff to answer the call around the clock.
  • If there was an issue in servicing and repairing, the company would take responsibility.

Get your Furnace working again quickly

Have one of Vancouver’s best furnace repair companies replace the flame sensors. The Ariana Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd provide same-day emergency services for all furnace repair and installations. Contact us at (778) 861-7120 and schedule a meeting with our technicians.

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