Langley Air Conditioning Installation Services

With the ever rising temperatures in British Columbia over the last couple of Summers, air conditioning has become a must have if you are stay comfortable indoors. Ariana Heating & Air Conditioning installs and services all brands of gas/oil and electric furnaces, water heaters, boilers, heat pumps and air conditioning systems. We provide the highest quality Langley air conditioning systems in that are energy efficient and are proven to cut your energy bills considerably. 
Our technicians install hundreds of Air Conditioners in Langley and throughout the Lower mainland every year. Each city has its own set of codes and installation practices. We will give you free inspections of your building, estimates and advice on the right cooling system for you. Air Conditioners work by transferring heat energy from the house to outdoors making the house cooler in the process.
At Ariana we provide two main cooling systems:
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Ductless Air Conditioning
Central Air Conditioning
It is typically a split system with an outdoor air conditioning unit and indoor cooling coils installed all around the house. Typically works like a refrigerator, the outdoor unit pumps cold refrigerant into the coil which absorbs the heat and warm air in the house thereby cooling the air. The warm refrigerant is then pumped outside and a fan blows air over the condenser to dissipate heat outside.


Pros: Provides effective cooling to the entire house through connected ducts.

Cons: Initial installation could be expensive for houses with non existing ducts.

Ductless Air Conditioning
They are also known as “window” air conditioners. In this system the air conditioning unit is installed on a window or wall opening.  They work by cooling the outside air then pumping the cooled air directly into the room they are installed in, no ducts needed.


Pros : Low installation cost and best for small apartments or when you need cooling for only a specific room.


Cons: Compared to to the ducted system, the air is not well filtered and dehumidified.

Take a look at our residential Cooling Products  and make your home look and feel cool like it deserves.

We specialize in increasing your energy efficiency with environmentally friendly products. We offer our services in Vancouver AC Installation, Maple Ridge AC Installation, Coquitlam AC Installation, Port Moody AC Installation, Port Coquitlam Installation, Pitt Meadows AC Installation, wherever you are we will give you a memorable experience. 
Central Air Conditioning
Ductless Air Condtioner