The Most Common Heat Pump Problems & How to Avoid Them

Heat pumps are quite reliable when it comes to energy efficiency and the transfer of heat from one place to another. However, it’s not unheard of for a heat pump to encounter technical issues.

A faulty heat pump will stop turning on, no longer heat up properly, or cool down instantly after use. There are many early symptoms that homeowners ignore and don’t care to check unless the commercial HVAC in Vancouver breaks down. Read the article further to know why regular tune-ups are necessary to keep the heat pump running smoothly.

List of the Most Common Heat Pump Problems

Some heat pump issues only need simple DIY tips and you are good to go. However, for some major technical problems, you might require guidance from a professional. Here are some of the most common problems caused by Heat Pumps.

1.    Not Blowing Hot Air:

You don’t need to fret too much if your heat pump is not blowing hot air. Usually, the issue is your pump might not be receiving enough power. In such a case, check the thermostat settings and see if the heat pump is turned on. Some other typical issues might be causing this:

  • The heat pump uses the outside air to heat the houses. However, snow, ice, leaves, and other materials can block the unit and restrict the passage. Try cleaning the heat pump and remove any debris that is blocking the way.
  • The air filters catching the debris and dirt need proper cleaning regularly. The excessive buildup can entirely block the airflow to the compressor and the air will not heat up. If the filters are too old and dirty, change them and see if the heat pump functions normally.
  • Leaks can bring down the refrigerant level. So, get it checked by a professional and recharge the system.

2.    Cold air coming from the unit:

Cold air issues are mainly caused by the compressor, valve, and refrigerant charge. Before you check these three things, set the unit to correct mode. However, if it’s defrosting that is pumping heated air to the outdoor unit, wait till it’s over. The defrost cycle might run for almost 10 to 15 minutes. Also, check the thermostat once and set it to emergency furnace repair Vancouver heat mode.

3.    Producing Weird Sounds:

The heat pump might be the loudest machine in your households right now. It is quite easy to figure out when the heat pump is not sounding right or producing weird noises. You can hear rattling, screeching, grinding, squealing, and mostly humming sounds. It simply means something is loose like the fan belt or any other part of the heat pump. If there are bubbling sounds, it is an indication of refrigerant leaks.

4.    Constantly running heat pumps:

A miscalibration issue or wiring problem can cause the thermostat to read the temperature incorrectly and cause electrical problems. A broken compressor contractor can cause issues like constantly running heat pumps. In both situations, you need a professional to look after the problem.

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