How Can a Dirty Air Filter Cause Your Furnace to Stop?

The furnace in your home regulates the temperature of incoming air to keep your home at a suitable temperature. This heating system is also designed to disperse warm, clean air via an air duct system. To ensure that the air in your home is safe to breathe, it is necessary to replace the furnace air filter regularly. This will prevent dirt and debris from penetrating the air supply.

So, how often should your furnace filter be replaced? An HVAC air filter can last anywhere from 30 days to 6 months, depending on the type of filter and the home’s heating schedule. Failure to replace dirty furnace air filters regularly will shorten the life of your heating system and cause minor to major problems.

Damage To The Heat Exchanger Caused By Dirty Air Filters In The Furnace

The airflow throughout your home and HVAC system will be harmed by a blocked furnace air filter. The heat exchanger will become too warm and deactivate if there is not enough fresh air in your furnace. Filters that are unclean cause short cycling and difficult to maintain your home warmer. To avoid damage to your air conditioner compressor, replace the blocked air filter before the summer season.

Increase In Overall Heating Cost

To maintain the temperature, you set the thermostat. The furnace uses a fan to circulate and recycle warm air throughout your home. The circulation fan will have to work harder to circulate the air if the air filter in the furnace is dirty or blocked. As a result, your overall heating costs will increase. To save money on energy, it is critical to inspect and replace filthy air filters every one to six months.

The Quality Of The Indoor Air Will Degrade Awful

If your air filter is clogged completely with dust, debris, and other particles, it will stop the air from penetrating through the filter. This will lead to health issues, and especially, will be hazardous for the family members prone to allergies, asthma, or those with medical pre-conditions. To improve the quality of your air, replace your air filter regularly and invest in a whole-house humidifier.

The Furnace May Get Turned Off Due To Clogs

In some of the worst conditions, a blocked furnace air filter could harm the furnace’s internal components. The fan, pilot light, heat exchanger, pressure switches, gas valves, or other components may be damaged if the furnace would not turn on. As most of the furnace repair agencies in Coquitlam are expensive, clean your furnace air filter regularly to maintain it clean.

Inability To Reach a Comfortable Setting Temperature

The furnace’s internal fan is designed to circulate air around the house by blowing air through the HVAC air filter. It will be more difficult to flow air through the system if the air filter is unclean. This will result in cold spots forming throughout the house during the winter. Replace clogged air filters every 1 to 6 months to keep your house comfortable.

Services For Heating and Furnace Repair

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