How Much Does It Cost To Have A Furnace Tune-Up, Repair Or Cleaned?

In order to keep your furnace in good working condition and to avoid emergency furnace repair in Vancouver, it is important to have it cleaned regularly. This is simple and straight forward and yet homeowners tend to ignore furnaces until they face a problem with it. Remember much like all the other home appliances a furnace works round the clock to keep you cozy and comfortable and hence needs regular TLC.

How much does it cost to get your furnace tuned up?

Unless your furnace has a snag, furnace cleaning is not expensive most commercial HVAC in Vancouver will charge you between $50 and $300. The exact price will vary based on the current state of your unit and the amount of maintenance work that needs to be put in as a part of the cleaning.

Simple maintenance tasks such as cleaning of vents and fans can be done on your own and will not cost you over $5-$30 in materials. Depending on size and thickness pleated material filters that are sold in packs will not cost you over $30.

A professional tune up on the other hand will cost you anything between $60-$200 or more. In most cases, it is approximately $100 based on the location and type of furnace. Most companies charge about $110 for the cleanup of a gas furnace and about $175 for an oil furnace. If something needs replacement, these numbers could go up.

Furnace cleaning generally entails the following steps:

  • Removal of corrosion or soot from the flame sensor, ignitor and other exposed parts
  • A complete and thorough inspection of the system which includes the vents as well as fuel line to rule out any kind of problems with the unit.
  • Filter change
  • Cleaning out the fans

Furnace cleaning is beyond just dusting and removal of grime. During furnace maintenance, the HVAC technician will painstakingly check every element of the furnace to ensure it is in good working condition and thereby saving you money while protecting your home’s safety.

Is Furnace Cleaning Necessary?

Most homeowners debate if it is indeed necessary to clean a furnace from time to time. The answer is yes. It is highly recommended by experts that your furnace is cleaned annually in order to improve its efficiency as well as lifespan. If you do so, your furnace will remain clean, run optimally and lower your energy bills considerably.

For sake of simplicity let us just say an annual inspection and clean-up is a kind of investment. This will help your furnace run smoothly throughout winter and keep it from excessive wear and tear. This will also eliminate the need for a complete replacement due to bad upkeep.

How Often Should You Get your Furnace Cleaned?

A furnace needs to be inspected at least once a year. In fact, with most brands, annual inspections are a mandate in order to hold a valid warranty. Your furnace may at times need additional maintenance after winter depending on usage as well as the age of the unit.

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    Thanks for sharing all this information about furnace/heater repair. I want to get my HVAC system checked by professional heating repair techs in Springdale where I live soon since I’ve been experiencing some issues lately.

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