How To Diagnose A Furnace Problem?

The survival of a furnace is crucial during the winter. Without furnaces, we would be huddled around a bonfire which is unhealthy and unadvisable. But unlike wood fires, furnaces need regular check-ups without which they would malfunction.

Sometimes, regardless of how much you maintain a furnace, it might still cause problems. Let us take a look at how to diagnose problems before calling up a center for furnace service in Burnaby.

Examine the Furnace Filter

Filters get messy over time. Hence, the first thing one must do is to take a look at the furnace’s filter. If the airflow gets blocked due to dust, the air quality worsens preventing the furnace from switching on. In extreme cases, the dust can even cause a fire hazard and serious breakdowns.

  • Switch off the thermostat and the furnace switch.
  • Set monthly reminders to clean the air filters.
  • If you change your filter, make sure you install it properly and secure the access panel.

Examine the Thermostat

Once the air filters are clean, we need to test the thermostat. We can do this by the following:

  • Setting the temperature at least five degrees higher than the room temperature to see if the room heats up.
  • The thermostat may require new batteries. So, it’s better to replace them.
  • If it is an electromechanical thermostat, it may even require some cleaning. Using a soft brush or cloth, gently dust the metal coils and the contact plates
  • If your thermostat is in the sun or near any other source of heat, it will send the wrong output. Hence, keep it away from such sources.

Open the Electric Panel and Check the Furnace Switch

The furnace will have a switch beside it. If it is on and not working, then switch it off. Check that the power is on in the fuse box and open the electrical panel. If the box is labeled, the HVAC system breaker should be on.
If the power is off, you need to restore power to it. Look for a melted fuse and unscrew it carefully. Replace it with a new, similar fuse.

Check the Flame of the Electrical Furnace

The flame should be blue in color with preferably; a yellow tip. This may indicate that the furnace is burning the fuel efficiently. If the color of the flame is anything but blue, you must contact a professional for furnace maintenance in Surrey; immediately.

Ensure the Vents Are Clean and Unclogged

At times, the furnace might be functioning as it should be, but the room is not receiving proper heat. In this scenario, the supply and return grills all across the house need inspection since; there should be nothing obstructing the airflow. Blocked vents lead to duct leaks due to the air pressure created and cause HVAC system breakdowns.

Final Words

These are some steps one can undertake to ensure that their electrical furnace has a healthy life without any malfunctions. However, if the problem is something you are not sure about resolving yourself; do not hesitate to call us.

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