How to Pick the Right Thermostat for Your Furnace

To enhance your safety, one of the simplest methods is installing a new generation of programmable thermostats. This device also helps you save money by minimizing fuel wastage caused due to excessive heating.

Modern thermostats are the most efficient option that contains controllers to set and alter temperatures over the week, allowing you to properly match them to your schedule.

Selecting the most appropriate and convenient thermostat can be difficult as there are various types available. However, not all of them are compatible with your furnace and improve your heating system’s performance.

Select an Appropriate Thermostat That Is Compatible

The first step in choosing a thermostat is to understand what you are working with and what you want. It is vital to figure out what kind of heating and cooling system you have so that your new thermostat can function with it. Central heating and air conditioning are the most common, but heat pumps, electric baseboards, and other alternatives are also popular.

Find Out What Kind of Thermostat Do You Have

There are numerous sorts of thermostats from which to pick, depending entirely on your taste.


A programmable thermostat can be set to automatic mode to regulate the temperature throughout the day.


Since temperatures fluctuate throughout the day, you have to manually regulate your thermostat if it is digital and non-programmable.


This model does not have an LCD, but it does have the same manual controls as the non-programmable digital model.


A hub connects a remote thermostat to your home’s internet service, allowing you to control it using your smartphone or laptop from anywhere.


This is the most advanced and energy-efficient thermostat for the present generation. It functions similar to a programmed thermostat and does not need manual programming. It is smart enough to learn your habits and preferences as and when you use it.

Learning thermostats also do clever things like turn off when you are not around and provide you with energy information. These thermostats can also be connected to the internet and managed from afar.

Choose From a Variety of Programming Options.

The thermostat will automatically adjust your desired temperatures throughout the day or week once you have set them at different times of the day. The following pointers help you understand how to program it:

  • Using this tool, you can program different temperatures for each day of the week.
  • The 5-2 programming method allows you to set a standard temperature for every 5 days in a week, as well as a separate standard for the weekend.
  • 5-1-1 programming is a mechanism that allows you to select a regular temperature for working days during the week and various temperatures for Saturday and Sunday.

You can fix the temperature at different times of the day as each of these has its own period.

Put Your Thermostat in Place

Install the best thermostat and enjoy the most satisfying experience. Ariana Heating & Air Conditioning can assist you with furnace maintenance in Vancouver, BC. Call us at 604-466-0072 for heating service in Burnaby and set up an appointment soon. We assure you to provide the best of services in no time.

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