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HVAC Unit Repair, Service, Maintenance & Hourly Costs in 2021

Most people restrict themselves from hiring HVAC repair professionals because they believe the costs for HVAC repair Port Coquitlam BC services are on the higher side. Well, such a notion is far from the truth. Indeed, HVAC repair Langley costs might get higher with time, depending on the severity of the issue you are facing. But in most scenarios, these costs are affordable.

Let us dive into the topic and discover the average cost for HVAC repair Port Coquitlam and Langley-based services.

HVAC Repair Port Coquitlam BC Costs

Here is a brief list of the different costs associated with your HVAC malfunction:

  • HVAC maintenance costs range from $85 to $150 per hour, plus the cost of replacement parts if necessary. 
  • The price is determined by the cost of living in your area as well as the scale of the heating and air conditioning business. 
  • The cost of an emergency HVAC replacement is $135 per hour or more. 
  • There are corrections in these rates if the repair is performed outside of regular business hours, such as on weekends, evenings, and holidays.

Costs of HVAC Repair Might Vary

The costs of heating and air conditioning maintenance are broken down below. As mentioned above, the cost of HVAC repair and replacement varies from $85 to $150 per hour. This is the cheapest operation call rate, and it pays the first hour of labor or maintenance. There are multiple factors that determine the rate you are supposed to pay for your HVAC repair.

  • The cost of HVAC repair Langleyis dictated by the cost of the components as well as the length of time the repair is supposed to take.
  • Most minor HVAC replacements, such as a hot surface igniter or capacitor replacement, condensate drain flush, or an annual inspection, washing, and tune-up, cost about $85 on average. 
  • For items like filling a device with refrigerant or replacing a circuit board, the midrange HVAC repair price ranges from $285 to $500.
  • Replacement of a pump, coil, high-end blower engine, or heat exchanger is the most costly AC and furnace repair, costing $750 or more. 
  • When the repair date is in this range, we strongly advise you to rebuild the equipment rather than repair it, particularly if the boiler, heat pump, or air conditioner is more than 12 years old. 

Costs of HVAC Parts: Repair and Servicing

Let’s have a look at how air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and other basic HVAC appliances are repaired. There are charges on both HVAC maintenance and installation or removal.

Air Handlers and Furnaces

A boiler or heat pump is used to heat most houses. Where a house has a heat pump, the air handler is normally the appliance present inside the pump. A motor-driven blower fan circulates air through ductwork in all types of appliances.

  • The estimated cost of a furnace tune-up, also known as annual operation, is $140-$150.
  • Occasionally, a “$99 tuning up” or anything similar advertisement might be promoted. 
  • The majority of HVAC firms bill between $115 and $200 per visit.
  • Since there is no gas valve or burner assembly to inspect and disinfect, the cost of air handler inspection is marginally lower. 

The Best Deal

Many HVAC providers offer annual service plans that include an assessment and tune-up of all the HVAC equipment once or twice a year. Call Ariana Heating & Air Conditioning today, to get hold of state-of-the-art service and lower HVAC repair Port Coquitlam costs.


  • Kopernikas Green

    Depending on where you are located, an HVAC contractor may charge an average of $100 to $140 per hour, and preventive maintenance visits usually take one to two hours. Some companies charge flat fees for their service visits, such as $85 to $120 for a tune-up.

  • Kopernikas Green

    Nice post! Regular AC maintenance servicing costs $75 to $200 for simple tune ups. Extended service contracts run $150 to $500 but include the entire HVAC system, both heating and cooling. For repairs outside a standard service, expect to pay $50 to $150 per hour for an HVAC technician.

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