We know your HVAC appliances hold a very special spot in your hearts due to the utility they offer. Naturally, their well-being remains a primary concern for you because their breakdowns could be tormenting to your comfort.

As an experienced HVAC contractor in Canada, we know exactly what you feel when your HVAC devices lie low. This is where we step in to ensure never to let such discomforts get to you. Be it Carrier furnace repair or AC installation, we can handle it all.

Our Additional Services Related to AC and Furnace

Ariana Heating has been in the HVAC business for several years. We have dealt with several customers throughout our work experience to comprehend customer concerns and requests thoroughly. We understand what a customer expects and what they need, and this same quality has allowed us to lead the HVAC market for years.

We are open to every service, be it residential, commercial, or non-profit. Before making any price and repair commitments, we have our technician visit your site. This site visit helps us lay down your service’s blueprints; and only after that, we calculate our service charges. This is done to avoid any circumstance where we might be left uninformed regarding your repair or servicing budget.

The HVAC Services We Offer

We offer a variety of HVAC services, and they include:

  • Vancouver Gas Furnaces (NG & LP) &Electric Furnaces
  • Vancouver Oil Furnaces
  • Vancouver Gas Boilers / Hydronic Water Heaters
  • Vancouver Oil Boilers
  • Vancouver Oil to Gas Conversions
  • Vancouver Hot Water Tanks
  • Vancouver Tankless Water Heaters
  • Vancouver Gas Fittings

● Vancouver Fireplace Inserts
● Vancouver Ductwork/ Sheet Metalworks (New /Repairs)
● Vancouver Central Air Conditioning
● Vancouver Central Heat Pumps
● Vancouver Ductless Air Conditioning
● Vancouver Ductless Heat Pumps
● Vancouver Exhaust Vents

Our Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan

Owning an HVAC device is a responsibility. Besides, we know how critical the Carrier AC services can get. You cannot hold the service of your deviceon hold because minor damage can add up to major faults if not addressed effectively.

But we understand that carrying out regular maintenance sessions could be very messy and involve many hassles. Therefore, we designed an annual maintenance program for you to give your HVAC device its fair share of maintenance. Our annual maintenance allows you to:

  • Optimize the energy consumption level of your device
  • Reduce any type of costly Carrier air conditioner repairs
  • Keep your HVAC unit in good shape
  • Enhance your HVAC system's performance

Thus, we suggest you opt for our annual HVAC maintenance plan to ensure convenient heating and cooling services.

Service Areas That We Cover

Our company has expanded quite well. Gradually, we are becoming one of Canada's most trusted HVAC services, and we owe it all to our esteemed customers. We are working hard to reach out to the entire of Canada, but as of now, the areas that we cover include:

  • Vancouver
  • Burnaby
  • Coquitlam
  • Langley

● Maple Ridge
● Port Moody
● Richmond
● Surrey

So, for any Carrier furnace repairs or other HVAC issues, contact Ariana Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd at (778) 861-7120.

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