What Are the Factors That Determine the Efficiency of a Furnace?

It takes more than a high-efficiency furnace to keep your home warm without breaking the bank. Although having a high-efficiency furnace is a good start, there are several other factors that influence your home’s efficiency. Before you go ahead and opt for heating service Burnaby experts, make sure you read this blog thoroughly.

Every furnace has an efficiency rating that indicates how effectively it can operate. However, a variety of external factors can influence the performance of your furnace at the advertised efficiency level. Today, we’ll look at 5 factors that influence furnace efficiency and what you can do to improve your heating system’s performance!

  • Level of Maintenance

The more well-maintained a furnace is, the more efficiently it will run. Scheduling a professional tune-up from Hyde’s every year is one of the greatest methods to keep your furnace in good working order. A tune-up will address any issues that are hurting your furnace’s performance, as well as bring it up to optimal efficiency levels at the start of each heating season.

  • Air Filter’s Condition

The single most critical responsibility you have as a homeowner to ensure that your furnace performs efficiently is to change your air filter.
Because a clogged filter restricts airflow, your system will have to work harder and spend significantly more energy than usual. One of the most effective strategies to enhance furnace efficiency is to check and/or change your filter once a month throughout the heating season.

  • Thermostat Settings Are Important

The lower the temperature on your thermostat, the less energy your furnace will use. Even decreasing your thermostat by a couple of degrees will help relieve the burden on your furnace and save electricity.

  • Levels of Insulation

Insulation acts as a barrier between your home and the heat generated by your furnace. Your furnace would have to work much harder and spend more energy to keep your home warm if it is not effectively insulated. Hyde’s provides insulation services that include testing your home’s current insulation levels and ensuring that every component of your property is properly insulated!

  • Leaks in the Ductwork

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, around 20% of the conditioned air that travels through a typical home is lost due to ductwork leaks. Furthermore, warm air might escape your home through gaps in your doors, walls, windows, and other areas.

You can guarantee that your home is as well-sealed as possible with the help of professional services. Make sure that your furnace isn’t wasting energy on producing warm air that isn’t needed.

The Size of the HVAC System

In terms of HVAC performance, size is critical. If your system is too big for your house, it will waste too much energy during the beginning phase, resulting in short cycling. If the equipment is too weak for the home’s load, the heater or air conditioner will waste a lot of time trying to reach the thermostat’s set point, which it will never do. In any case, inefficient sizing consumes energy. Our HVAC experts can determine whether your system meets your home’s load requirements.

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