What Causes Air Conditioner Coils to Leak and How to Prevent Them?

The summers in Port Coquitlam are no joke — you need an air conditioner if you want to make it through the season. Despite being a delight most of the time, owning an air conditioner can be a downright hassle too. 

One such instance is the leakage in air conditioner coils. Also known as the evaporator coil, this element is located inside the indoor unit of your HVAC system. 

A leak in the evaporator coil can prove to be a headache. It leads to a drop in the AC’s overall performance, causing little to no cooling that calls for frequent refrigerant refills. It results in a dramatic rise in air conditioning costs. 

To avoid squandering money on air conditioning repair Coquitlam, one must understand the root cause of this issue. Here are a few things that set off a leakage in AC coils.

Corrosion in the Coil’s Copper Tube

Corrosion of the copper tube in the AC coils is one of the most common reasons for leakage in the evaporator coil. When the water, copper, and several volatile compounds (VOCs) present in our surroundings interact with each other, it results in the build-up of formic acid on the coil. It gives rise to rust on the copper tube, causing a leakage in the coils.

Volatile Compounds in the Atmosphere

We use several products in our daily life that contribute to the abundance of VOCs present in our surroundings. The cleaning supplies in our households, personal products, and various hardware materials also contribute to the quantity of the volatile compounds in the air. They increase the amount of VOCs present in the indoor air that comes in direct contact with the AC.

Apart from that, the amount of salt present in the atmosphere can also contribute to the corrosion of the evaporator coil. You should get along with Vancouver air conditioning companies if the evaporator coil is rusted.

How to Tackle Leakage Issues?

Understanding the reasons behind evaporator coil leakage is one thing, but there are other things that you can try to avoid this problem. These will ensure that you don’t end up spending a ton simply because of the poor upkeep of the HVAC equipment. 

  • Regular upkeep of your AC prevents any build-up of rust. So, having a maintenance contract with your local HVAC repair center might be a good idea. 
  • Try to limit the amount of VOCs that come inside your household. While it doesn’t guarantee a rust-free coil, it reduces the chances of corrosion.
  • If you can afford it, installing an air-purification system would be a great idea. It will lower the amount of VOCs that come in contact with your AC.

If you are looking for a reliable service provider for HVAC repair Port Coquitlam, we at Ariana Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd are here to help you. Contact us at (604) 466-0072 to ensure a comfortable summer with top-class cooling in your house. Make sure to discuss every underlying doubt with our professionals to assess the leakage situation better.

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