Which Is The Best HVAC System In Canada?

One of the big decisions that you make for your house is installing a new air conditioning system. With the number of air conditioning repairs increasing in Vancouver, it becomes hard to choose one. To make the best decision, one must consider the most crucial parameters such as energy efficiency, SEER ratio (Seasonal energy efficiency ratio), warranty, and cost.

Before installing an HVAC system, it is essential to know the square footage of your house, as it determines the cost of an HVAC system. Another factor is the SEER rate of an HVAC system. The SEER rating is the cooling output divided by the total electrical power input. The higher the SEER rating for an HVAC system, the more efficient it is.

Which Are The Best HVAC Systems?

Among the wide variety of HVAC systems, we have listed down the perfect ones for you. One needs to be aware that the system chosen is optimum and cost-efficient. Let us now look at the five best HVAC systems.

1. Carrier

Carrier is the best energy-efficient premium brand. With a SEER rating score of 21, you will easily save your utility bills. And if you face a problem, the warranty coverage is there to put your mind at peace.

Other features available in this brand cover all the bases of a great air conditioner. The price range of Carrier can be higher than other models, but it ensures that it’s worth your money.

2. Trane

Trane manufactures durable, high-quality, and reliable air conditioners. It provides a twelve-year compressor warranty and a ten-year warranty on parts. One of their best qualities is that though their cooling system is a bit more expensive than the competing brands, it significantly cuts the utility bills.

With a SEER score of 14, it is an efficient mid-range option in air conditioners. The cutting-edge features and patented technologies in Trane are designed to improve performance and increase durability.

3. Goodman

Goodman is known as one of the most trustworthy economical-priced brands in the market. With good energy efficiency and a SEER rating score of 19, Goodman becomes a good choice for all homes.

This model offers a ten-year equipment and parts replacement, as well as a lifetime compressor warranty. For a budget-friendly air conditioner, Goodman is the best choice compared to other brands since the prices of these models are lower.

4. Ruud

Ruud is known for its quality products and units. All systems have service-optimized access ports, powder-coated paint, and waterproof screws. These air conditioners offer great energy efficiency with a SEER rating score starting from 16.

Another notable feature is that the warranty offered for the parts is 10 years, and a 10-year conditional warranty of the equipment.

5. Heil

Heil is best known as an affordable brand with the best reliable features. Along with energy efficiency, it has a SEER rating score of 19. Heil units are the best as they come with 10 -years of comprehensive warranty that provides a long period of use without any issues. Heil is a good economical cooling system option for your house.

Install an efficient HVAC system for your house, which makes you feel comfortable and cozy. Before installing, give a clear lookout for air conditioners that suit your house size and other specific needs.

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